Automated driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly popular in vehicles. These systems are designed to provide more convenience, safety, and comfort while behind the wheel. In addition, it can help you maintain a safer driving environment by monitoring your vehicle’s surroundings.

Did you know that more than 60 million cars are equipped with ADAS, and the number is increasing
every year? Another interesting fact is that more than one-third of these vehicles need re-calibration
after some common repairs like wheel alignment or windshield replacement. But why is re-calibration of your ADAS system so important?

ADAS Can Help You Significantly Reduce the Number of Accidents on the Road

The majority of road accidents are caused by human error, which is why these advanced safety systems were developed to automate and enhance certain aspects of the driving experience. These technologies can be split into two categories: those that automate driving, such as automatic emergency braking systems, and those that help improve drivers’ awareness, such as lane departure warning systems. The entire purpose of these safety features is to increase safety by reducing injuries by decreasing the overall number of traffic accidents on the roads.

Although the importance of this system is obvious, its maintenance is often misunderstood and neglected, making the ADAS system less effective in predicting and preventing accidents. For example, one of the situations when an ADAS re-calibration may be required is in case of a windshield replacement or a repair. If your windshield wasn’t properly situated in relation to the cameras and sensors mounted in your car, there’s a chance it would malfunction. This, on the other hand, could prevent your system from detecting a potentially dangerous situation and therefore help you prevent it.

Act Fast Auto Glass is your Personal ADAS Calibration shop

When it’s time to have your automobile’s ADAS calibrated, you don’t have to travel back to the
dealership or a specialty shop. Help is available here in Bend Oregon, at Act Fast Auto Glass. What’s
more, our Autel-certified technicians at Act Fast Auto Glass have learned more than ADAS repair in our decades-long service to Bend and all of Central Oregon. We understand the value of personal service, the kind you get only from a family-owned business- where you’re treated like one of our own.

Furthermore, our repair work is backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty (see our Warranty page on our website for more information).

Bend Oregon Windshield Repair

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