Windshield Replacement

Act Fast Auto Glass specializes in windshield replacement and all other auto glass replacements for all cars, trucks, busses, heavy equipment, specialty vehicles and more.

Windshield Replacement

Mobile or in-shop Windshield Replacement

When you call Act Fast Auto Glass our free mobile windshield replacement service we will replace your windshield or other glass on-site in Bend Oregon or anywhere else in Central Oregon, weather permitting. Our in-shop service allows us to work on your vehicle during all the weather conditions Central Oregon throws at us, as well as re-calibrating your vehicle’s ADAS sensors, all in a one stop shop.

We Replace Windshields at your home or office

The glass in your vehicle is a critical safety component, we will not compromise on installation requirements. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to make sure that when you have your windshield replaced, it’s done right, by one of our highly qualified auto glass repair technicians.

The importance of properly installing a windshield cannot be over-stated. Over the years, the windshield has played an ever-increasing role in the safety of the modern automobile. Whether it’s the interaction with your passenger side airbag, the integrity of your roof should you be involved in a rollover accident, or properly calibrated Advances Driver-Assist System (ADAS).

Professional Windshield Installers in Bend Oregon

There are many components of a properly and safely installed windshield. It all starts with the removal of your damaged windshield. It sounds simple, but if it is not done properly, the effects can be disastrous. We are fully trained and certified and have the best tools and equipment available to ensure that this first step is done correctly so that your new windshield will have the same fit, finish and above all, structural integrity that your vehicle had when it rolled out of the factory.

Another important component is the urethane, that bonds your new windshield to your vehicle. We use the most advanced SIKA urethane systems available, offering a fast safe drive-away time. This is typically an area where auto glass companies will try and save money. Not Us!! Most inexpensive urethane’s on the market offer safe drive away times of 24 to 48 hours.

Windshield replacement Bend Oregon
Windshield replacement Bend Oregon
Replace Windshield heavy equipment
We replace windshields in commercial vehicles and heavy equipment

Our drive-away time is just 30 minutes with SIKA’s NEW advanced Ultimate urethane. This urethan not only meets your vehicles manufactures requirements, in most cases it exceeds it.

Same Day Auto Glass Replacement

All our Auto Glass Replacements are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

The other major component of a windshield installation is the windshield itself.  We use High Quality or OEM Replacement Glass to ensure that your new windshield that we installed, is structurally identical to the original windshield installed when your vehicle was manufactured new.

  • Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • All Cars, Trucks, Busses, Fleet Vehicles, Heavy Equipment
  • Mobile and In-Shop Replacement

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Call us today to get your windshield or other Auto Glass replaced promptly!

Most Replacements take less than 1-hour. Some vehicles may take more time, depending on your make and model. You can trust that our technicians will pay meticulously attention to detail.

Rock chip repairs typically take 20-30 minutes.

ADAS Calibrations, following your windshield replacement, times vary depending on your vehicles make and model.  

Yes. All quotes are free, via phone or written quote upon request via email.

We accept most major insurance companies. Filing a windshield replacement claim is part of your comprehensive coverage. 

We offer free mobile and in-shop appointments. Certain ADAS Calibrations need to be done in-shop. The weather could also be a factor for scheduling your replacement appointment.